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This IP Stanek Portal for x Universities, companies etc in EU + ASIA is rather extensive and under dynamic change. Most details about IP Stanek in IP - Spectrum Portal But following abstracts about some activities for Germany, Indonesia and India are sufficient for a first impression. 

(A) IP Knowledge Transfer for GERMANY & EU (excerpt)

Interdisciplinary Knowledge Transfer, foundation of new vocational study Electrical Engineering (first time in Germany), Spectrum of Lectures, Workshops, R&D etc + innovative Engineering for intl. companies, media, schools, colleges, universities (> primarily for University of Applied Sciences Koblenz)


1. Detailed web infos "IP Spectrum of Knowledge" on website Portal: 

2. Compact overview about Prof. Stanek's spectrum in > Research Portal SciPort RLP-Germany

3. Overview about first time in Germany established Educational Project by Prof. Stanek > Vocational Study BIS-Electrical Engineering (support by Ministries with 1,7 Mio €, 4 Profs, 4 Ass, 2 Secretaries)

4. KNOWLEDGE Training for KIDS+ADULTS > "Kinder-Uni" + "MS EINSTEIN" ........(with media)

5. KNOWLEDGE Training for HIGH SCHOOLS - Vocational College ........................(with media)

6. KNOWLEDGE Training for EDUCATIONAL FAIRS + MINISTERS .......................:..(with media)

7. KNOWLEDGE Training for MANAGERS + MARKETING ........................................(with media)

8. KNOWLEDGE Training for Federal Garden Show - Bundesgartenschau ..............(with media)

9. KNOWLEDGE Transfer for TV team Xenius/ARTE re concept/body memo for "Memory-Memoire"

10.KNOWLEDGE Transfer for Magazine FOCUS > Physics, Electrodynamics, Memory Traning

11.ENGINEERING + KNOWLEDGE Transfer Spectrum of Books, Publications, R&D & Media support

12.ENGINEERING + KNOWLEDGE Transfer for University of Applied Sciences Koblenz HSK etc 

13.ENGINEERING + KNOWLEDGE Transfer > HSK "Lab Automation+Robotics" > pdf Overview by IP

14.ENGINEERING + Press Conference: Lab  Automation+Robotics - TIA Drives > HW Donation Siemens

15.ENGINEERING + Press Conference: Lab  Automation + Robotics - Portal Robot > SW Donation B&R

16.KNOWLEDE transfer intl PRESS Spectrum in EU > Germany + Austria + Spain (excerpt) - Creativity





ASIA Info  considers diverse IP Stanek supports for (B) INDONESIA 2002 up to 2015 and (C) INDIA 



(B) IP Knowledge Transfer for INDONESIA (excerpt)


First request for Indonesia support was coming from Swiss German University SGU, BSD-Jakarta - the most supported Indonesian university by Prof. Stanek from 2002 up to 2013/14. Until 2016 in total contributions at 10 Indonesian Universities, in 2016 at most prestigous Universitas Gadjah Mada UGM Vocational Study & Post graduate Study in Yogyakarta, at innovative University Institute of Technology National ITN Malang  and at new University IULI in Jakarta. Overview re  supports by IP Stanek, HSK, SES: : 

1. The main founder of SGU is Prof. Dr. Peter Pscheid - SGU Rector from 2000-2009 and Prof Juergen Grueneberg as his successor as SGU Rector from 2009 up to March 2012 have invited Prof Stanek several times for a spectrum of innovative subjects re creative Knowledge Management (for all faculties) and multidisciplinary Engineering (for faculty Engineering / Mechatronics) and diverse contributions for external institutions and other universities, too. After the period as SGU Rector Prof Pscheid is also founder, co-chairman and Board of Trustees at new University with innovative concepts > IULI = International University Liaison Indonesia. Prof Grueneberg has diverse functions in Germany and Inonesia. For SGU most important that Prof Grueneberg is Head of SGU-Westphalia - before, during and after his time as SGU Rector - responsible for SGU Internship students in Europe as central basis for the SGU Double Degree Certificate.

2. IP Stanek Spectrum of multidisciplinary subjects in form of workshops, lectures and coaching staff & students from diverse faculties re "Engineering with focus on Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation";

3. Interactive Stanek workshops re "Creative Power Learning, Knowledge Management and Memory Training" - during some years for all students from all SGU faculties;

4. Stanek R&D publications as Main author integrating some SGU heads from Mechatronics, R&D and Rectorate as co-authors - e.g. REM (2003), SCIYO-INTECH (2010) & also in VDE Year Book Labor Market (2013/14) - Hint: In VDE Year Book a wide spectrum of IP Stanek support for SGU is described; 

5. Prof Stanek Advisor of SGU Internship Students in his HSK Lab "Automation and Robotics" in DE;

6. Prof Stanek Main Advisor of several SGU master students for Mechatronics and IT at SGU, too.

7. Prof Stanek has conducted a series of workshops re Knowledge Management, Memory Training etc at diverse other Institutions (EKONID, German Embassy, German Center, Goethe Institute, DAAD Jakarta, several Rotary Clubs, High Schools  etc) and diverse other well-known Universities in Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia Depok, Catholic Universitas Atma Jaya, Jakarta, ITI Tangerang etc);

8. Though Prof Stanek has rejected the offered contract as SGU Vice Rector for "R&D and Knowledge Transfer" by a temporary interim SGU Ex-Rector 2013/14 was willing to act as SGU Director for "Knowledge Transfer, Innovations & Entrepreneurship" in 2013 including SGU-XL-Cloud Directorship, Leadership Coaching etc. Prof Stanek's Deputy Director had initiated a public "Memory Power" event at Christian Community GII Hok im Tong including Christian students from 3 Universities, too > SGU, UBN and UMN Nusantara (ref. attached photo -  social contributions for Christian & Moslem Communities and Rotoray Clubs). During 2013 Prof. Stanek was serving as SGU Director in parallel as awarded "Senior Professor" at Unversity of Applied Sciences Koblenz and HSK Head of Lab "Automation and Robotics"

9. IP Stanek was willing to coach & advise staff & students at Oil & Gas Foundation Migas in Balikpapan / Indonesia end of 2013-2014 re urgently requested curriculum upgrade, final exams, thesis advisory etc.

10. Though acting for HSK/DE and Migas/ID in parallel since end of 2013 Prof. Stanek supported SGU Indonesia & SGU-Westphalia Germany additionally for attached publication of VDE Year Book 2013/2014 (ref weblink No.1). SGU-W Head is former SGU Rector Prof Juergen Grueneberg, father of SGU Internship in Europe and co-editor of mentioned VDE Year Book. Based on friendly long-term connection between SGU and Prof Stanek several SGU Internship students could realize their Praxis Semester in the High Tech Lab "Automation & Robotics" at University of Applied Sciences Koblenz (ref web link No.2). 

11. Intro "Power Learning" for all faculties at IULI International University Liaison Indonesia Jakarta

12. Public Creative Knowledge Seminar "innovative automation & green tech" at Institute of Technology National ITN Malang, Faculty Electrical Engineering 

13. SES Coaching & Advisory for Universitas Gadjah Mada UGM Vocational Study, Mechanical Engineering re "Automation, Robotics, Mechatronics, Knowledge Management" for staff & students.

14. SES Expert Advisory for Universitas Gadjah Mada UGM Vocational Study, Mechanical Engineering focusing on construction of new Robot with UGM Vokasi Club "Automation & Control"

15. Seminar introduction "Memory Training, Robotics, Mechatronics, Automation" High School Ngawen

16. Small contribution for first Sci-Fi-Film "Tengkorak" in Indonesia inside UGM Vokasi film studios

17. Intro "Knowledge Management, Communication" for Universitas Gadjah Mada Post graduate


Some web links & graphics as excerpt re mentioned IP support for Educational Society in INDONESIA:


1. HSK - VDE Yearbook 2013/2014 - Multiple Support for SGU by Prof. Stanek and HSK - PDF download from external Domain


2. HSK & SGU-Internship - Prof. Stanek's HSK Lab "Automation & Robotics" - Content of Lab as PDF document .Working place for SGU Internship students since 2010 - download over HSK or directly from Domain


3. HSK & SGU-co-authors > INTECH open publications a) Magic Math > new applications and 

b) Magic Units & extended Electrodynamics by W. Stanek and SGU-heads (2010) - PDF download book "Products & Services; from R&D to Final Solutions" > 2 R&D chapters about new Theories & applications


4. SGU website about Prof Stanek at Swiss German University (2010 -2013) .. & other universities


5. UGM Vocational Study / Mechanical Engineering - contributions by SES expert areas "Automation, Robotics, Mechatronics & Knowledge Management" for staff & students


6. UGM Vocational Study / Film Studios: small contribution for first Indonesian Sci-Fi-Film Tengkorak


7. ITN Malang - creative knowledge seminar Part 1 :"Knowledge Management & fast learning" - Publication ITN Malang news


8. ITN Malang - creative knowledge seminar Part 2 :"innovative automation & green tech" - Publication ITN Malang news





(C) IP Knowledge Transfer for INDIA (excerpt)
1. SVES: The most impressing high level Colleges & Institutes of Technology Prof. Stanek has ever met during his invited visit in INDIA 2015  > the fascinating and great Sri VISHNU Educational Society SVES in 2 different Indian states. SVES has requested the support of Prof Stanek via German SES (Senior Expert Service) for their VISHNU TEQIP program re "Knowledge Management, Memory Training, Mechatronics, Robotics, Automation" at several Institutes of Technology and Colleges, too.

2. TEQIP = Technical Education Quality Improvement Program was supported by IP Stanek by workshops & coaching a lot of staff (in sum ca. 80 members) and students in groups of max 200 (in sum ca. 500 students). IP Stanek's TEQIP contributions were conducted at SVECW (Sri Vishnu Engineering College for Women), VDC (Vishnu Dental College), VITB (Vishnu Institute of Technology) Bhimavaran / Vishnupur (Andhra Pradesh)and BVRIT (B.V.Raju Institute of Technology in Narsapur / Hyderabad (Telangana). 

3. VISHNU "Universal Learning": Chairman, Principals, heads are successfully considering this great Vishnu motto supporting best learning atmosphere for thousands of students in both Indian states.
4. New Centers of Excellence: It was a great pleasure for Prof. Stanek that VISHNU Society SVES has decided to establish 2 new Centers of Excellence (CoE) because of IP Stanek's workshops and hints:
a) at SVECW  CoE for "Mechatronics & Robotics" (Andhra Pradesh)
b) at BVRIT     CoE for "Mechatronics & Knowledge Management" (Telangana)

Some web links & graphics as excerpt re mentioned IP support for Educational Society in INDIA:


Vishnu: 1. VISHNU BVRIT >  
Vishnu: 2. VISHNU + 3. inauguration WS at SVECW + 4. SVECW gallery

Vishnu: 5. VISHNU VITB > + 6. inauguration WS VISHNU VALIANT + 7. VALIANT gallery




(D) IP Knowledge Transfer for CHINA (excerpt)
1. Province Shandong: consulting INDUSTRY 4.0 + Knowledge Management + Vocational Education > RK Zibo + vocational education Liaocheng
2. Province Hunan: consutling INDUSTRY 4.0 + Knowledge Management spectrum of companies and Universities in Zhuzhou + Changsha > ref no.1 + no.2 some attached graphics this sub wee


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