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What is the problem? The often recognised problem in mechatronics is a lack of experience in applying electrodynamic knowledge. Therefore a compact introduction in an extended Maxwell’s field theory with interdisciplinary applications shall introduce a valuable key for all “Mechatronicists”. All the described industrial developments were primarily based on electrodynamics, using innovative ideas, Maxwell’s equations and both software and computer-aided simulation. However the focus of this publication is primarily on the advantage and necessity of electrodynamics inside mechatronics. 

FIRST, the mighty capabilities of Unit Checks for deriving all central equations and formulas in physics are surprising and magic. These mostly unknown Unit Check methods will demonstrate the commonly unused fast derivation of famous and complex equations in physics from mechanics, electrodynamics up to quantum mechanics, Einstein's relativity formulas etc. 

SECOND, the known Maxwell's equations in rest were extended and re-formulated for arbitrarily moving objects. Additionally, the sketched derivation of a unified equation for relativistic quantum electrodynamics based on Faraday & Einstein - including Maxwell's equations as a subset - shows further interdisciplinary applications in classic, quantum and relativistic physics. 

THIRD, the structure identity of the complete eddy current equations in electrodynamics with respect to other disciplines in physics (i.e. hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, elastomechanics etc) opens a door for both quick analytical approximation and interdisciplinary development or optimisation of new mechatronic systems. Actual computer-based and analytical applications in the broad field of motor car production, robot gripper design, anti-vibration systems and complex hard disc drives will show the high efficiency and central position of extended Maxwell's equations in electrodynamics for automation and mechatronics.


Some web links & graphics as excerpt re R&D for Maxwell Equations, its extensions & multidiscplinary Applications - including the mighty method "Magic Unit Checks" for fast derivation of (almost) all formulas and equations in Physics without any book.


1. Magnetics Web Portal W. Stanek: Electrodynamics - Fields & Waves >

Electrodynamics and all its analogies in Physics with applications


2. InTech openMagic Unit Checks for Physics and Extended Field Theory Based on Interdisciplinary Electrodynamics with Applications in Mechatronics and Automation

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